Fillable Character Sheet - draft 1

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Fillable Character Sheet - draft 1

Post by naturaltwenty »


This form is the initial draft of a fillable form character sheet. The only thing I have'nt been able to noodle out is alllowing the pasting of an image for the upper right graphics area. ... _sheet.pdf

Anyone familiar with Adobe Acrobat?

Greg Volz

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Post by moriarty777 »

Familiar... but not familiar enough it seems. I had recently gotten to do my custom character sheet in a fillable format and I've also decided that I hate Adobe Designer (which comes with Acrobat). However, the one thing I did notice, and you may just want to go this way, is you don't need a field in order to copy and paste an image onto a page. You can then move it and resize it to fit your needs. That could mean that you could just leave the character portrait space blank (and not bother creating a field for it).

It seems to work well enough... the only thing I'm unsure of is if people with Acrobat Reader can do that too. Then again, people with just the reader can't save a filled out form yet either (unless they give the option to change that in version 8.0)

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