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Beacon At Enon Tor...for 5th level party. Rewrite. 
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Post Beacon At Enon Tor...for 5th level party. Rewrite.
First: Thanks to JB Littlefield for converting this module an old Imagine magazine article and for Solomoriah for hosting the pdf on his sight.

Thread with credits and link to JB's conversion. ... n+enon+tor

This is the rewrite I did for my small group of PC's. It also includes references I put at the beginning to get the PC's into the adventure.

This adventure is great. With it's basic "tower-crawling" theme it can be adjusted for nearly any level I think as well as background inserted as needed. It was a lot of fun.
The Beacon at Enon Tor


Needing more storage space, the wizard Karthedon had his living servants extend his cellar when they hit a tunnel. A Grimlock patrol emerged and killed the workers.

They attacked Karthedon in his workroom (Area 11) during his magical experiments causing a feeblemind spell to backfire and affect him. The spell has reduced Karthedon to a drooling idiot, incapable of even feeding himself, and certainly not capable of casting any spells. The Grimlocks had to retreat and stay away due to the Mechanical Golem guarding the wizard.

That night they rampaged through the tower, killing the wizards remaining mortal servants. Then they began to emerge each night after to explore the tower.

A few days after Karthedons accident a small band of Orc marauders, including an Ogre and an Orc shaman, and led by a pair of Bugbear brothers, stumbled across the beacon during a raiding expedition. Realizing that it was an easy target, they moved in and occupied it. They managed to disable the foghorn but lost two orcs to the Living Steel Statue who worked the horn. The marauders quickly retreated.

The first night they camped they had a short skirmish with the emerging Grimlocks, but managed to drive the beasts back into their tunnels with only a few more Orcs lost. The marauders have established themselves in the lower areas of the tower, blocking off the Grimlock tunnel opening and resting. They will post several guards at the barricade at nightfall.

They also tried to enter the workroom but the Golem chased them away after an Orc roughly grabbed the wizard.

As a result, the cellar level, where Karthedons laboratory is located, is virtually undamaged.

As the party arrives at Enon Tor the situation is that Karthedon is still in his workroom guarded by his Mechanical Golem. He is a drooling idiot, fortunately kept alive by his ring of sustenance.

The Living Statue and the Golem are carrying out their last orders: the Statue is to operate the foghorn and the Golem is to protect the wizard.


The CK should read the following passage to the players before beginning the adventure:

PCs are sought out by Lev Dromilov, Lord of Dmitrov.

TO BEN: Knight of the Griffon, I request your aide and the aide of your companions!

About 15 years ago, the Wizard Karthedon arrived here at Dmitrov, which he proclaimed an ideal site for his magical research. Quiet, out of the way, and an open seaport. The Wizard announced his intention to establish a laboratory in the town. However, although honored that Karthedon had chosen Dmitrov, I and the Guilds were not so keen to have unpredictable and possibly dangerous research in the midst of our quiet town.

We came to an arrangement with the Wizard. Karthedon would be welcome to carry out his research in a tower which the Guilds would build at Enon Tor, a hill just to the west of the town, overlooking the sea.

In return, he would operate a navigation beacon at the tower and his magical abilities would be available to the town should his help ever be needed. The tower was built, Karthedon moved in, and the arrangement proved beneficial

to all involved. Fewer ships were lost in the dangerous shoals and Dmitrov was even more prosperous.

One week ago, however, the whole of Enon Tor was surrounded by a strange shimmering light and that evening the beacon was not lit for the first time in 15 years. The foghorn in the tower, which had started to sound when the fog descended in the morning, continued to blow for the next two days and was then suddenly silent. It has not been heard since.

A patrol was sent to the Beacon but the tower was securely locked. None could enter.

And now, goblin raids to homesteads in the North have increased and so I am forced to send most of my guard out to protect the farms and deal with the raiders. I currently have but enough men to guard the town and seaport. I cannot spare anyone right now.

Yet we must have the Beacon functioning again and we must know if Karthedon is injured or dead. Heavy fogs are moving into the coast this time of year and without the light and foghorn many ships may break upon the rocks.

You are the most capable adventures in my lands. Will you aide us?

Lord Dromilov will offer 300gp to each member of the party. He will provide a local to show them the two mile path through the Western Woods towards the Beacon Tower.



DEB: chance to get some spells from a more powerful and friendly wizard.

NEGOTIATION: Lord Dromilov can go up to 500gp each. That is the limit. The Lords coffers are taxed trying to end the goblin raids.

3.0 To The Beacon

The beacon is located on a wooded headland about two miles to the west of Dmitrov.

It is perched on a 100-foot high cliff and overlooks a dangerous stretch of shoal waters.

One of the townsfolk will escort the party to the track that leads through the woods to the beacon. After cautioning them to stick to the path, he will return to town.

The PCs head down the path.

After about 1.5 miles they have an encounter.

ENCOUNTER: Goblins and Bear

The PCs round a bend in the wooded path and find a massacre. Eight Goblins lay dead, each terribly mauled and torn apart. Their weapons lie broken around them. The remains of a Goblin hunting party who tangled with a Grizzly Bear.

Broken spears, bows, and arrows lie near the bodies. The tips smell of a foul poison used by the Goblins.

The bodies have a few silver and coppers. Their other gear has been badly mauled.

TRACKS: the Goblins from the NorthWest and a large Bear.


With a savage roar that shakes the trees and huge Grizzly `Bear charges out of the brush at the party. He is foaming at the mouth and his eyes are rolling wildly. His long claws tear up the earth as he charges full speed. Several arrows stick in his hide. He has been driven mad by the poison.

A Ranger has a slim chance of calming the beast (CL +15). A Druid might calm him with spells.

Otherwise he is going to try to kill the party.

Grizzly Bear (L)

HD: 6d8 HP: 42

Move: 40 ft.

AC: 15

Attacks: 2 claws +3 (1d8), bite +3 (1d12)

Special: Hug

Saves: P


Hug: If both paw attacks hit in a single round, the bears victim must make a Str save (+Bear HD) or be crushed in the hug. The bear automatically does bite damage when the hug is on. The victim may try to break free each round on his turn.

4.0 The Beacon Tower

After walking another half mile, they finally break from the cover of the woods.

The track continues on, leading toward the stone-built tower, which has just come into view.

They can see that the building is more than just a tower, because there is some sort of stone construction built into the rock below. For the first time since leaving Dmitrov you can smell the sea.

There are two entrances in plain view. One is in the tower itself, the other is in the stone building built into the rock but this is hidden by an Illusionary Wall.

If the party finds and enters the door in the HILLSIDE they will start at Area #1.

If they enter the TOWER itself, they will start at Area #6.

The double entrance doors to the beacon are wooden with iron reinforcements.

Both doors are locked, the Orcs bolted them shut. They cannot close the actual locks as they do possess the key.

They doors are stout but can be opened with enough force (Str check, CL +8) or magic.

Once opened, both doors open and close easily.

AREA #1 (Living Room)

This room appears to be the beacon keepers living room. A large oak table, surrounded by four upholstered chairs, sits in the middle of the room.

Pens, parchment, plates (several of them broken), spoons, knives, and other oddments are scattered about the floor and across the tabletop.

Tapestries, which once adorned the plain stonewalls, now lie heaped and despoiled on the flagstone floor. In the northeast corner, by the fireplace, is a long wooden bench.

Seated on the bench are EIGHT ORCS dressed in patched chainmail shirts and ragged clothing..

They are STARING at the OPEN DOOR in amazement that someone came in the front door.

The Orcs get up, snarling and drawing crude scimitars and picking up spears.

If the ensuing combat lasts longer than THREE ROUNDS, one of the Bugbear twins in Area #3 will BOOT THE DOOR OPEN SHOUTING about the noise and join in the fray. He is quickly followed by the Ogre and his brother.

The Orc Shaman will hang back in the doorway and cast spells.

8 Orcs (M)

HD: 1d8 HP: 5

Move: 30 ft.

AC: 14 (salvaged chain shirt + helm)

Attacks: 1d8 (spear) and 1d6 (scimitar)

Special: Darkvision 60 ft.

Saves: P


Each Orc has 10 gold pieces and 7 gems as their personal treasure. The gems are worthless glass beads (any character passing an Intelligence check will realize this). In addition, in a small table near the bench on which the Orcs were sitting is a Nine Mens Morris set, with ivory and jet pieces and an inlaid rosewood board. The entire set is worth 100 gold pieces.

AREA #2 (Kitchen)

This room appears to be a kitchen. In the northwest corner there is a cooking range with three pots on it. In the northeast corner stands a chopping block with a meat cleaver embedded in it.

On the southern wall hangs a set of shelves. On the shelves are cooking utensils, herbs and spices, and a toast rack. Below the shelves is a wooden bucket.

The range is not lit and the three pots contain cold food (vegetables, a stew, and some sort of broth). The bucket contains some sort of pickled meat. The meat cleaver can be used as a weapon (1d6 points of damage). The spices and herbs are worth about 5 gold pieces if sold in town, but otherwise there is nothing of value in this room.

AREA #3 (Bedroom)

IF THE COMBAT in Area #1 did NOT ATTRACT the ATTENTION of the Ogre, Bugbears, and shaman:


Read the following to the players:

This room contains a luxurious bed, two simple wooden chairs, a large wooden table, and a large wooden chest. Clothing is scattered about the room and several flasks lie on the floor. On the southern wall hangs a large tapestry depicting a battle scene. The room is lit by several large candles in strategically-placed sconces attached to the stone walls.

Sitting on the bed is a huge dirty Ogre dressed in fur pelts, leaning forward on a metal banded club.

Sitting in the chairs are two hairy, grey Bugbears in rusty, dented breast plates. Sitting on the chest is an Orc dressed in tattered and patched robes, covered in pouches, teeth, and feathers.

All four turn toward you and jump to their feet!

Twin Bugbears (M)

HD: 3d8 HP: 18

Move: 30 ft.

AC: 17 (dented, rusty breastplates)

Attacks: battle axe (1d8) and short sword (1d6)

Special: Darkvision 60

Saves: P

XP: 20+3

The Bugbears carry 20+1d10 GP each in belt pouches.

Ogre (L)

HD: 4d8 HP: 24

Move: 30 ft.

AC: 16 (fur pelts)

Attacks: large banded club (2d6) or ist (1d10)

Special: Darkvision 60, Twilight vision

Saves: P

XP: 40+4

The Ogre has a leather pouch on a leather thong around his neck. In the pouch is a small key which opens a hidden chest under the bed.

Orc Shaman (M)

HD: 4d8 HP: 24

Move: 30 ft.

AC: 14 (salvaged chain shirt)

Attacks: 1d6 (scimitar)

Special: Darkvision 60 ft.

Saves: P

XP: 2440 +4


(1st-level) Comp. Languages, Darkness, Read Magic, Sleep, Cure Light Wounds

(2nd-level) Detect Thoughts, Knock, Speak with Dead

(3rd-level) Dispel Magic, Lightning Bolt, Cure Serious Wounds

(4th-level) Wall of Fire

The Shaman has a pouch of 30 Gp and 26 Sp. He also has several gems worth 200 Gp. The rest contain herbs, trinkets, dried body parts, and other unspeakable things.

The Chest: is an iron box locked with a crude padlock (+5 to Open Lock attempts). Inside the chest is a silver dagger (1d6 points of damage; worth 30 gold pieces), 50 gold pieces, a scroll (containing the Clerical spell cure light wounds, and a flask containing a light green liquid (potion of healing; heals 1d6 hit points per dose; contains 4 doses).

The sconces are silver and each is worth 10 gold pieces. The tapestry is worth 20 gold pieces. Other than the aforementioned items, the room contains nothing of value.

AREA #4 (Barracks)

Two Orc BODIES lie facedown on the floor. (The corpses have been stripped of treasure.)

This room contains five bunks and two large boxes, each about seven feet long and about two feet wide and deep, with hinged lids. The boxes were storage containers for Karthedons two mechanical servitors.

The boxes are leaning against the north wall. Rifled shelves are on the walls and open chests are at the foot of each bed. Clothing and personal items lie scattered around the room. Dried bloodstains streak the walls and floor.

AREA #5 (Pantry)

This room contains a dozen large barrels. Several sacks are stacked on a low table against the southern wall. Several pieces of preserved meat hang from hooks in the ceiling.

This room was the beacons pantry. The barrels contain wine, ale, various salted meats, apples, vegetables, and salt.

The sacks contain grain and flour. Two giant rats have taken up residence in the sacks. If disturbed, they will attack!

2 Giant Rats (S); HD: 1d8 (6 each); Save: P; AC14; Bite 1d6 + disease; anyone bitten by a giant rat must make a save versus disease (Con) or become infected (2 to all attribute checks until cured).

AREA #6 (Storeroom)

This room, obviously a storeroom of sorts, is full of odds and endsa cursory glance reveals barrels, tools, a few buckets, some timber, and a broken cartwheel.

There are nine large barrels (containing oil), two coils of rope (each 50 feet in length), a hammer, two dozen tOrches, a lantern, a saw, an axe, a dozen iron spikes, several pieces of timber, four pulley blocks, a bucket full of nails, a bucket full of pitch, three large hooks, ten empty sacks, a length of sailcloth, a set of blacksmiths bellows, and a broken cartwheel. None are especially valuable, although the party should be able to find a use for many of the items.

AREA #7 (Beacon Garret)

A DEAD Orc lies here.

As you enter this room you see a SWARM of creatures detach themselves from the ceiling and flutter toward you.

In the chaos you notice the door in the southern wall is ajar. The creatures are Stirges who have taken up residence since Karthedon has not been up to light the beacon in over a week.

10 Stirges (S)

HD: 1d6 HP: 4

Move: 30 ft., 45 ft.

AC: 14

Attacks: Touch (1d3)

Special: Attach, Blood Drain, Agile, Darkvision 60 ft., Twilight Vision

Saves: P

XP: 15+1

Attach: If successfully hits, the victim must make Str save. Failure means a stirge attaches and drains blood. A new save is allowed each round. Success rips the stirge away but the victims takes 1d4 dmg.

Blood Drain: Success fully attaching automatically inflicts 1d4 dmg per round. It will drain a total of 12 HP before it is sated.

Agile: Stirges gain a +3 attack and +3 dex save bonus

The garret contains the equipment and stores used at short notice to operate the beacon. Four sacks of kindling and a stack of ten firelogs lie on the floor in the middle of the room.

In the northwest corner is a large iron basket. On a hook by the stairs stands a large coil of rope. On a shelf by the door is a telescope (worth 150 gold pieces) in a leather case and an iron box containing tinder, flint, and a piece of steel.

Everything is slightly damp due to the open door.

AREA #8 (Walkway)

This walkway has a 4-foot-high crenellated stone wall running round it. In the northeast corner is an iron ladder, set into the stonework of the tower, and leading up to the beacon itself. The ladder is covered in rust except for patches in the middle of each rung where bare metal shines through. A strange creaking sound drifts down from the tower above. The ladder is entirely safe and there is nothing of interest or value on the walkway.

AREA #9 (The Beacon)

This is the top of the tower. A 3-foot-high crenellated wall surrounds this story. In the center of this area stands a 15- foot-high tripod supporting a large iron basket. In the basket, and around the tripod, are large quantities of ash. Stacked in the southwest corner are six firelogs. In the southeastern corner is an iron contraption that is obviously some type of crude lifting device.

In the northwest corner a Metallic Human FIGURE can be seen working at a set of blacksmiths bellows apparently connected to a large copper foghorn. No sound, other than the creaking of the bellows and the rush of air can be heard.

The figure is an Animated Statue and will not attack unless the party attempts to prevent it from carrying out its appointed task.

Living Iron Statue (L)

HD: 5d10 HP: 42

Move: 10 ft.

AC: 18

Attacks: 1d8 (Fists x2)

Special: Absorb weapon.

Saves: P

XP: 160+5

Absorb weapon: A living iron statue has a body that can absorb iron and steel. It takes normal damage when hit, but if a nonmagical metal weapon is used, the attacker must make an Int (Arcane Magic) Save or the weapon will become stuck in the body of the living iron statue, and can only be removed if the statue is killed. (If the weapon is left in the statue, the statue will eventually absorb the metal completely and eject nonmetal parts, so the statue will not forever walk around with weapons sticking out of it.)

Karthedons last order to the Statue was to sound the foghorn.

When the Bugbears group arrived they cut the pipe between the bellows and the foghorn, but left the Statue working the bellows. There is nothing of value in this area.

AREA #10 (Cellar)

This is a storage cellar. All around the walls are wooden shelves with boxes on them.

A large HOLE is in the north wall, barricaded with several broken cabinets and bits of stone. Wall stones are piled on the floor near piles of earth. A dark tunnel can be seen between the wood and stone barricade.

Scattered around the room are four rotting human and three Orc CORPSES.

The boxes contain Karthedons experimental materials. Only one of the boxes does not have a label on it and is locked.

The key is on a chain around Karthedons neck (Area #11).

The remaining boxes contain exactly what their labels (written in Common) say they do:

fluorspar, chalk, sulfur, powdered copper, powdered lead, quicksilver (in a stoneware bottle), dried blood, salt, iron shavings, seaweed, herbs, snake legs, vinegar (also in a stoneware bottle), parchment, quill pens, ink (in the form of square blocks to be heated and mixed with water when needed), sealing wax, stirge feathers, medusa bones, stuffed voles, bats ears, crypt dust, dried roots, and assorted glassware.

The LOCKED BOX is secured with an intricate lock (10 to Open Locks) and contains three small leather pouches. One contains gold dust (worth 40 gold pieces), another contains powdered silver (worth 15 gold pieces), and the last holds 12 small pearls (worth 10 gold pieces each).

A TRAPDOOR located in the southwest corner covers the opening to the beacons well. The well is circular (3-foot diameter) and approximately 80 feet deep. The water level is about 15 feet below floor level.

A dead grayish creatures CORPSE (Grimlock) floats in the water.

AREA #11 (Karthedons Workroom)

This area is obviously a wizards laboratory. The walls are covered with shelves of bottles and boxes filled with all manner of potions and powders. Cabinets stand in the corners amid what appears to be various broken pieces of wooden and metal devices and junk. There are two long wooden workbenches against the eastern wall, each with a set of four stools. One of the tables is covered in parchment, pens, intricate glassware, and two candlesticks with burnt out candles. A body, dressed in long, filthy robes, is slumped over the workbench.

Two slashed Grimlock CORPSES lie here as well.


In the corner amidst the wooden and metal junk, partly hidden behind a tarp, a rusty oily mechanical figure stands.

It will activate if the wizard is approached. It will attack if the wizard is touched or attacked.

Golem, Mechanical

No. Encountered: 1

Size: L (7)

HD: 10D8 HP: 60

Move: 30 ft.

AC: 22

Attacks: Arm Weapon ( 4d10)

Special: Electrical shock, Lightning aura,

Immunity to magic.

Saves: P

Intelligence: None

Alignment: Neutral

Type: Construct

Treasure: None.

Experience: 2100 + 10

Combat: This mechanical golems arms each have six short-sword sized blades which flip open and lock into place over the hands. This is its primary weapons doing 4d10 dmg. It can only attack with one per round.

Electric Shock: When the golem's weapon strikes an enemy with a natural at tack roll of 20, it delivers a powerful electrical shock. This attack inflicts an additional 6d6 points of damage (half that if a Con save is made). The victim of this attack must make a second Con save to avoid being incapacitated for 2d4 rounds due to the effects of the electrical current on his muscles.

Anyone attacking the mechanical golem with a metal weapon (whether or not it is capable of harming the golem) suffers the same electrical attack if they roll a natural 20 on their attack dice, with the exact same results.

Lightning Aura: On every other combat round, the golem can engage its lightning aura. This field causes all those within 20 feet of the creature to be hit with small lightning bolts that inflict 3d6 points of damage. A Dex save is allowed for half damage and no paralysis is inflicted by this attack.

Immunity to Magic: Immune to all spell and spell effects except for the following all cold attacks slow the golem for 3 rounds. All electrical attacks heal the golem 1 point for every 2 points of damage.

The slumped body is, in fact, Karthedon, and he is not yet dead, although he is suffering from the effects of a feeblemind spell.


Human Wizard-10 (M)

HD: 9d4 HP: 30

AC: 10

Movement: 30 ft.

BtH: +3

Dmg: 1d4 (dagger)

Attributes: Str 12, Dex 12, Con 10, Int 16 (+2),

Wis 14 (+1), Cha 15 (+1)

Spells: (0-level) Dancing Lights, Detect Magic, Light, Prestidigitation

(1st-level) Comprehend Languages, Magic Missile, Read Magic, Shield, Sleep

(2nd-level) Invisibility, Knock, Locate Object, and Web

(3rd-level) Clairaudience, Dispel Magic, and Fireball

(4th-level) Confusion, Dimension Door, and Minor Globe of Invulnerability

(5th-level) Feeblemind and Hold Monster.

Equipment: Ring of Sustenance, Dagger +1

Note: Obviously, the above stats are for Karthedon in his normal state. In his current state his Int is 1 and he is unable to do anything other than lay there! Around his neck is a chain with two keys attached. One opens the lockbox in the cellar (Area #10) and the other is the key to the chest in the secret chamber (Area #13).

When the feeblemind spell backfired on Karthedon he knocked over a vial of acid, which destroyed many of his notes. A

Wizard should be able to deduce that Karthedon is the victim of a backfired feeblemind spell by studying those notes that do remain. A normal Intelligence check will reveal the fact that a dispel magic spell should cure Karthedon.

SAVING THE WIZARD: If the party restores Karthedon to his normal state, he will reward them handsomely1000 gold pieces each, a potion of invisibility, two spell scrolls (dispell magic and fireball ), a +2 sword, and a +1 mace.

The giant rats are Karthedons lab animals and have not been fed in over a week. They will attack anyone that opens the cage.

AREA #12 (Karthedons Study)

This chamber is a study. All four walls are covered with tapestries depicting the 12 signs of the Zodiac. On the floor is a rug with an embroidered pentacle design. The furniture in this room consists of a large wooden desk, padded leather reading chair, a reading stand, and several bookcases. There are two silver candlesticks on the desk.

The tapestries are worth 300 gold pieces as a set (or 15 gold pieces apiece). The rug is worth 75 gold pieces. The silver candlesticks are worth 10 gold pieces each. The books in the shelves may be worth something to the right kind of buyer.

Lying on the desk are three scrolls: one is the charter between Karthedon and the TOWN, another is a dispel magic scroll, and the last one is a TOWER MAP (Area #13 is not depicted).

AREA #13 (Secret Chamber)

This small chamber contains nothing but a shelf with a chest and an ornate sword leaning on the chest (+2 wpn.)

The chest is locked and only the key around the chain on Karthedons neck will open itall Open Lock checks automatically fail; however, still roll as if the attempt had a chance of succeeding (at 5 to the check). If the check fails by more than 10 points the chests trap is activated! A spring loaded needle pricks the would-be-thiefs finger and injects a powerful poison doing 1d10x5 hp dmg. The victim may save versus Poison (Con) for dmg.

Inside the chest are the following items: 5000 gold pieces, a bag of gems (worth 3000 gold pieces altogether), a wand of magic detection, a periapt of health, a pouch of dust of appearance, four potions of healing, and a +1 mace.

GRIMLOCK ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WhenPCs are in the tower.

The Grimlocks hear the noise in the tower and attack to retake the tower for themselves. They wish to secure the tower for the Grimlock colony, plundering its riches and using it as a base to attack the surrounding area at night.

They have a force of 20 Grimlocks and two Champions. Ten warriors and a Champion remain on the ground floor as the other ten warriors and the second champion work their way up the tower.

20 Grimlocks

HD: 2d8 HP: 10

Move: 30 ft.

AC: 15

Attacks: Battleaxe or Sword (1d8), or Claw (1d6)

Special: Blindsight, Camouflage, Immunities.

Saves: P

XP: 25+2

Grimlocks are blind, but their exceptional senses of smell and hearing allow them to notice foes nearby.

Blindsight: Grimlocks can sense all foes within 40 feet as a sighted creature would. Beyond that range, they treat all targets as having total concealment.

Grimlocks are susceptible to sound- and scent-based attacks, however, and are affected normally by loud noises and sonic spells (such as ghost sound or silence) and overpowering odors (such as stinking cloud or incense-heavy air). Negating a Grimlocks sense of smell or hearing reduces this ability and a Grimlock fights as if a character in normal darkness.

If both these senses are negated, a Grimlock is effectively blinded.

Camouflage: If encountered in rocky terrain, grimlocks are able t o blend with their surroundings. As long as they remain motionless, they are effectively invisible as per the spell.

Immunities: Grimlocks are immune to gaze attacks, visual effects, illusions, and other attack forms that rely on sight.

2 Grimlock Champions

HD: 5d8 HP: 35

Move: 30 ft.

AC: 18 (studded leather)

Attacks: Battleaxe or Sword (1d8), or Claw (1d6)

Special: Blindsight, Camouflage, Immunities.

Saves: P

XP: 200+5

Grimlocks are blind, but their exceptional senses of smell and hearing allow them to notice foes nearby.

Blindsight: Grimlocks can sense all foes within 40 feet as a sighted creature would. Beyond that range, they treat all targets as having total concealment.

Grimlocks are susceptible to sound- and scent-based attacks, however, and are affected normally by loud noises and sonic spells (such as ghost sound or silence) and overpowering odors (such as stinking cloud or incense-heavy air). Negating a Grimlocks sense of smell or hearing reduces this ability and a Grimlock fights as if a character in normal darkness.

If both these senses are negated, a Grimlock is effectively blinded.

Camouflage: If encountered in rocky terrain, grimlocks are able t o blend with their surroundings. As long as they remain motionless, they are effectively invisible as per the spell.

Immunities: Grimlocks are immune to gaze attacks, visual effects, illusions, and other attack forms that rely on sight.

That's it. Hope someone gets some use of it.

Have. Fun.

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Thu May 10, 2007 9:56 am
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thanks, Dave. I like this mod alot, having played it last summer with my brother-in-law. Your conversions fit the mood pretty well, and seem entirely sensible if you want a small adventure at 5th level.


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Thu May 10, 2007 4:34 pm

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Geleg wrote:
thanks, Dave. I like this mod alot, having played it last summer with my brother-in-law. Your conversions fit the mood pretty well, and seem entirely sensible if you want a small adventure at 5th level.


thanks. it was really easy to up the level.

besides we just did a Ravenloft game, which I need to finish, several months ago and the party has realllllllly had their fill of zombies.

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I say hey now

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Fri May 11, 2007 2:15 am
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I didn't care much for the zombies servants either. In fact, I like your rewrite better than the original.

Fri May 11, 2007 12:42 pm
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