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Jason Vey
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CK Screens....

Post by Jason Vey »

I just (FINALLY got these today and I have to say)....




Kudos, double kudos, and TRIPLE kudos to the Trolls for such a phenomenal screen! These things are absolutely gorgeous! Heavy, sturdy, laminated on both sides (perfect for wet- or dry-erase markers!), and with every tidbit of info I could possibly want for running a C&C game. Even the monster XP and treasure charts!

I'm all aquiver and can't wait to try these out tonight in game. If I could, I'd ask for only two things that weren't there. First, a quick-reference table for poisons (unless that's there and I didn't see it), and second, a blank initiative tracker I could use with wet- or dry-erase markers. But these are just wish-fullfillment. This is without a doubt one of the best screens I've seen, easily on par with Eden's screens for the Unisystem (which if you know me, is saying a LOT).

The bonus adventure could be a bit higher in production quality, but it's a bonus, so no points off there. I haven't read it through, yet, but I plan to try and run it if possible in my game (though not tonight).

Anyway...outstanding work. I love it.

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Post by Maliki »

Sounds great, mine should arrive at my FLGS today.
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