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The Mysterious Tower 
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Post The Mysterious Tower
Just finished this today (3 days of gaming, yahoo!!)

It was very enjoyable. I did a bit to "make it mine", such as make it a tower of a Runemark so my daughters Druid could become one.

This is because she has always knowm, as a player, that her character was born to fulfill a prophecy. I handled this prophecy kind of like how they are handled in the Wheel of Time series, meaning that she is "marked" so that she can fulfill the prophecy if she wants to, and if she passes on trying someone else will be born to make the choice and attempt. Anyways, after they cleared out the tower I had them visited by a manifestation of Wenefar, the goddess of the fey, and told of her choice and what the prophecy is, etc... and my daughters character took it. In light of this decision the other characters were asked to swear to aid and support Jaygo in her travails. They all agreed.

In light of this they were offered a boon from the gods. They requested magic weapons, armors, etc... but they were told that they would not be given anything that they could earn through their own endeavors. I told them to ask for something only a god could give them.

So my daughter caught on and got the ball rolling by asking if she could be advanced in the Runemark class so that she could advance in Druid as well (due to my dual/multi-classing rules). So I explained to them that her request could be granted by splitting her current xp's evenly between the two classes which would drop her from 5th level Druid to 4th level in both classes. She was good with that.

My son, who is 10, playing the Knight Sir Berethor Amter has been wanting to be a Paladin, so he asked if he could just become a Paladin. I explained to him how he would lose all his Knight abilities, including the horse riding and jousting skills. He was good with that so converted to a Paladin.

My 12 year old son, playing the Ranger Sir Sylva Frompkin (of Frompkin Pass fame) asked to be an un-erring tracker and be able to tell if something is magical. I told him he could do so only if he knew the name of who or what he was tracking and that i would let him cast detect magic at will. He was happy with that.

Then my wife (age withheld because I like living) said the only thing she would like is to be as good and tough as a fighter of her level (6th). I offered to allow her to have the BtH of a fighter and up her HD, from 7th level on, to a d10. She was happy with that.

So oaths were sworn and deific boons were handed out.

Then Sylva remembered that there were these stationary rods (Rods that are not described in M&T, so you need the 3E SRD or DMG) still down a certain hole. I warned him not to go down below by himself. So he told them to tie a rope around his waist and lower him down. Well, he promptly became bait on a hook for the 4 Ankegs I had down there (the party was 5th level for this module). They pulled him up missing his head, left arm, and left leg, plus his helm of the Jester and frostbrand sword were still down there. (he was something like -26 HP).

The Druid/Runemark figured that somewhere in the library there had to be a runestick with a spell that could help bring Sylva back to life. So they put their Ludenshire horses down in the cleared out owlbear lair to keep them safe from the Ankegs.

After hours of searching (throughout the tower, not just the library) she found a rune stick with limited wish on it (I rolled an 08) and she used it to reincarnate Sylva. He rolled and came up human! His STR and DEX were lower but his CON was 4 points higher, and he was back down to the bottom of 4th level.

They then spent months making use of the library and familiarizing themselves with the quirks of the tower.

Now this brings me to another thing I did to personalize this module. the creator of the tower was a 20th level spell caster. I figured with his library, etc... he would have done anything to break free of his tower. I figured he would have used the wish spell, even put himself in temporal stasis. The module has him as this insane ghost that couldn't go to his rightful after-life, so i stayed with that. As for wishes, my cosmology is such that all wishes are "granted" by a god, usually the one the maker of the wish worships.

So I figured this archmage made wishes, but they couldn't be granted for the same reason he couldn't escape or even go to his afterlife when he died.

So when the group lowered the force field not only was the ghost able to go to its afterlife, but his wishes were able to be granted. So now I have the force field in its proper location and a couple of the "doors" within the tower working in the same manner as the "door" feature of the Mirror of Mental Prowess, whether the field is up or not. The PC's have seen how the field shifted location, but they have yet to try any of the doors. They haven't even fought or released the Earth Elementals yet. They are afraid of the doors, for some reason. They have been ever since they tried the one secret door that looked like a safe and empty room but ended up bringing them face to face with a djinni.

So they are afraid of where they will end up going through the other doors. They stay away from them, they refuse to open any of the other doors. So far anyways.

That pretty much covers our Mysterious Tower adventure.

Since its 20,000 I suggest "Captain Nemo" as his title. Beyond the obvious connection, he is one who sails on his own terms and ignores those he doesn't agree with...confident in his journey and goals.
Sounds obvious to me! -Gm Michael

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Sounds like an enjoyable time was had by all!
A whole family of RPGers... imagine that! 8)

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Sounds like good family time. You have a real clever group of role-players on your hands there.
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I game with my four kids, ages 8 to 18. Any parent who games with their kid(s) is a super-parent in my book. Any kid is lucky to have a mom or dad or grandparent spending hours of fun time with them. In the years to come, they're sure to remember you did it and may even pass on the gaming tradition to the next generation.

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