Most of my group will be new to C&C

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Most of my group will be new to C&C

Post by DougMarrs »

My group is considering a move from 1e to C&C, just to test it out and see what it has to offer. Another player and I have played and CK'd a number of games, so we're pretty familiar with the system but the other members have never played.

I guess my question is: Is A0 as good a place as any to start a campaign and then continue with the A Series? I've read through A0 but I've never ran it - I don't foresee any problems, though. Would you guys recommend a different module to start with? I like the idea of having a lot of modules to continue the story with, but I want something that will get them hooked. (Although, any other C&C Aihrde adventure I have ran could easily be imported.)

Thanks in advance for the input!

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Re: Most of my group will be new to C&C

Post by Treebore »

The only thing I plan on doing different when I run the A series again is to integrate the Caves of Chaos into the Blacktooth Ridge region. I am not a big fan of Slag Heap, but I have had some thoughts on how to make it more enjoyable to me, which is mainly use a different location map for the main encounter area of the module. Plus I only ran A1 to A5, since nothing else had been released, and made up my own stuff all the way through Aufstrag, with help from Davis, the author/creator of Aufstrag, giving me a good bit of background as to what Aufstrag was like at a convention.
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Re: Most of my group will be new to C&C

Post by anvil242 »

My party really felt the lack of a cleric in that one, as would any 1st level party, I suppose. The gnolls provided a real challenge.

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Re: Most of my group will be new to C&C

Post by Tadhg »

The Rising Knight is an excellent 1st module for C&C, IMO.

I ran it for my group years ago and they loved it.

Assault on Blacktooth Ridge is also really excellent and could be used to start your game depending on levels and number of PCs in the party.

Enjoy the game,

Rhu. :)
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Re: Most of my group will be new to C&C

Post by Buttmonkey »

I started one of my campaigns with A0 and it went well (I turned to original material after A0). The humanoid dining room is a tough encounter if the players take a mindless hack and slash approach. The wolves are also pretty nasty. I don't think my party made it past the first room of the dungeon until the 3rd session. They kept going in and fighting off whatever ran out to kill them, then headed home to heal up.
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Re: Most of my group will be new to C&C

Post by GatewayTodd »

I just played A0 and A1 at Gary Con IX this past weekend. They are very much AD&D 1E in flavor so it will be an easy transition for your group.


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