Monsters with max hp

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Monsters with max hp

Post by vestcoat »

I'm new to C&C, but the modules I've read so far (Beneath the Dome, Hel Rising) seem to give all of the monsters maximum hit points. What gives? Is this a C&C thing?

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Re: Monsters with max hp

Post by Treebore »

You can determine HP however you wish. As for why they defaulted to max, I have no idea, but is not due to some official rule some where.
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Re: Monsters with max hp

Post by serleran »

No, it is not a "C&C thing." It's a design decision by the author. Perhaps to ensure that XP calculations are easier. Perhaps to make the monsters "more difficult."

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Re: Monsters with max hp

Post by alcyone »

If you know that that's what's happening and it's consistent, it's kind of nice to show max hp; then you can make up just about any number that's less than that, or always shoot for a little over half, and not be too unfair.
Of course, you are free in any case to make something up.
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