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Shackled City ...

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rabindranath72 wrote:
Since I could not find a good review of the book, I decided to buy it. And my worst fears were reality: 111 pages of the book are just tactical encounter pages. ...

5) Practically all encounters in the adventure resolve or are designed to be resolved in a combat, and the PCs are literally thrown into every one of them (not much parleying with wraiths, wights, zombies etc.). This is not what one might expect from Ravenloft, where the rule was to "never call a goblin a goblin", and avoid combat if possible.

6) Practically all interesting NPCs (like Lief Liepsiege, formerly a simple accountant) have become combat monsters....

I could go on, but I will stop here. I am deeply disappointed (I will say enraged); I feel I have been literally stolen of my money. I should have known best to buy again from WotC.

If anyone is interested in buying this "masterpiece" from me despite my review, can contact me by PM. I am selling it faster than lightining.


Then Piazo Publishing should have done Ravenloft. Their Shackled City product (mini-setting and 1-20th level campaign) has plenty of role-playing encounters. Hob-nob with city elite at the "country club" try to talk people out of a riot and help Orc merc put out a building that's a blaze.

Admittedly the last half of the adventures go to the Outer Planes and are combat heavy, but the early to mid stuff is good and there's few PCs mentioned that you never have to fight.

The only downside is that the 405 page book is $60.

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