Why only two scabbards on a belt?

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Why only two scabbards on a belt?

Post by mostrojoe »

Sorry for asking it again, but "reply" is not possible in this room
Being here the author of the encumbrance rules, I asked myself why a limit of two scabbards? This render not possible to wear two swords and a dagger?

Or the little bladed weapons should not be counted for?

The not bladed weapons (hammers, maces) hanging from a belt count anyway like a scabbard? And bows and crossbows?

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Re: Why only two scabbards on a belt?

Post by gideon_thorne »

Well, sure you could put more stuff on a belt. But the question is, where do you plan on putting it?

Hang a bunch of stuff on one belt sometime, and see how fast it slides down your legs and trips you. This is generally why you see people wearing multiple belts in different pictures, its not only a weight factor, its a spacing factor.
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Post by cheeplives »

Why only two rings in D&D 3.x? I've got 10 fingers! Not to mention toes!

Basically it's there for simplicity and balance. Plus, what Peter said... it just gets logisticially difficult once you start piling stuff up. If you want, I'd house-rule it that any weapon with an EV of 1 or less can take up a Small Pouch spot...

Dangling items from belts or such do not give you any Encumbrance savings for being Worn, so feel free to dangle all you want... a crossbow in the hands or dangling from the belt are both equally encumbering if you ask me (I'd probably say the dangling one is a bit more, but making little rulings like that was what I was trying to avoid).
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