Scabbards anywhere? What aboout the rule for the belts?

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Scabbards anywhere? What aboout the rule for the belts?

Post by mostrojoe »

A footnote in page 46 of the PHB 4th Ed. says that a human character cannot put on his belt more than 2 large pouches and 1 little pouch.

Than it states that a large pouch is the equivalent of a scabbard, a quiver, 2 little pouches or a spell component pouch. Ok but... I cannot find a scabbard in the equipment list and anyway, it means that I cannot have at my belt 2 daggers and a sword (3 scabbards in total)? Or two broadswords and a short sword? Eventually what weapons need a scabbard and what weapons have not a scabbard? I can use a quiver on my belt with two swords? Or have two swords using also a dagger that is put on the belt without using a scabbard? Etc etc etc...

Also there is some advantage in putting a quiver on the belt and not on the shoulders?

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Post by serleran »

Every bladed weapon has a scabbard. The note on encumbrance is just to provide a visual and slight guidelines regarding allowance, so you do not have some fighter wearing thirteen long swords, four quivers, and then 6 bandoleers of throwing knives.

The advantage of having a quiver on a belt might be to reach them easier -- if they are on your shoulder, you might have to reach for them. Nothing mechanically (that is, based on rules) to matter for such a thing, so... no, not officially.
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