It is possible to make two attacks with weapons like staffs?

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It is possible to make two attacks with weapons like staffs?

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If I am not wrong, it is not clearly specified that some weapons can be used as double offensive tools. I am thinking about the staff for an exemple. The rules for the two handed fighting are used even for a double weapon?


In a two handed fighting it is a problem if the two weapons have the same lenght (i.e. two broadswords)?

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Post by serleran »

No weapon in C&C is treated as a "double attack." If you want to make two attacks in the same round, the off-hand penalties apply (and possibly non-proficient penalties,) and the Castle Keeper makes the decision as to whether the specific weapon can be used in such a way.

There is no real distinction about weapon length in C&C, except you cannot wield two two-handed weapons (unless you had 4 hands.) If a weapon is especially long, the Castle Keeper might apply a penalty to use it with another weapon readied, but that is not a specific rule.
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