In Monsters and Treasures Mules have no stats... why?

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In Monsters and Treasures Mules have no stats... why?

Post by mostrojoe »

I was searching for statistics about the humble Mule in the Monsters and Treasures manual but I have seen that there are no statistics about it. Nor donkeys. In a few words I should come up for them myself, it should be not a problem but why then there is an entry for the Cat, seeing that it is a totally inoffensive animal?


In the book some text about the orcs seems redundant, perhaps an editing mistake?

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Post by serleran »

Pony is the closest -- it would be redundant to re-include their specific stats. However, some things are outright missing, like walrus. I had no decision in the final listing of printed "monsters," so maybe they'll show up in a future printing if people clamor and demand them.
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