Multi classed Wizards and Armor usage

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Multi classed Wizards and Armor usage

Post by Wulfgarn »

What is the official rule on this - can wizards wear armor and cast spells-

If so what sort of penalt\y applies

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Post by serleran »

Pre-4th print: Castle Keeper's call on whether it is allowed at all, but assumed no.

In 4th print, it depends on which of the options is selected...

Class-and-a-half: depends on whether Wizard is the first (or Primary class) or not, but only as it regards restrictions / penalties as they can wear armor and cast spells. If the character's primary role is wizard, then any spell cast in armor grants a save bonus equal to the AC bonus provided by the bonus (so, if you are wearing leather that gives +3 AC, your opponent's get a +3 bonus on their saves -- better use a lot of sleep and magic missile spells, since they don't give saves.) If, however, the primary role is reversed (that is, the character is supposed to be a minor spellcaster) then they cannot spells that cause damage or allow saves while wearing armor -- basically, restricted to heals, "buffs" and detection abilities.

The other multiclass rule system does not make such limitations, though there is the implication that a wizard would not be able to cast spells in armor (though they could wear it) because it states all limitations are imposed -- and, since wizards don't normally wear armor and cast spells, they do not get that ability through the multiclass rule. This is arguable, however, and is not directly stated, so it is a Castle Keeper's choice on how they wish to intrepret the "rule."

It is not that hard, but it is worded somewhat confusing.
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