Are posts in this forum (KA) showing up in searches?

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Are posts in this forum (KA) showing up in searches?

Post by Sakusammakko »

I've been searching the forums for advice on how to rule on a variety of topics and have noticed that searches don't seem to bring back results from this forum (Keepers Advice). Could something be wrong?

Also, it seems that the 'view posts since last visit' also doesn't bring back results from this forum. It's possible that we're missing some good info when conducting our searches.

Thanks for looking into this.

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Post by serleran »

I just ran some search tests. I specified this forum as the one to search, and added in some words I knew would exist therein, namely "incremental improvement." It resulted in one positive result. I then tested other strings, with and without Keeper's Advice as the forum to look into... and all came back with something located here.
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