making TWO attacks in a round with one weapon-too powerful?

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making TWO attacks in a round with one weapon-too powerful?

Post by thom99 »

Hey all, I remember reading somewhere in this forum suggesting that a PC could fire his bow 2 times in a round, taking the same penalties as fighting with 2 weapons (-3/-6), adding his dexterity bonus.

Well, what about making 2 attacks with a melee weapon in a round using the same rule-is that too powerful? Say a 4th level ranger or paladin wanted to 'double attack' with his longsword. He gets his +3 BTH, and say, +2 for 16 Dex for a +5/+5 which becomes +2\-1 after the penalties are applied. If he's under a bless spell or a prayer this becomes +3/+0 and if he has a +1 magic sword it ends up as +4/+1 (finally!) that too powerful? And would you allow him to move normally and do this? I'm wondering if my PCs would run amok with this tactic--of course I could have the bad guys do the same thing. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks!

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Post by serleran »

Obviously, it can't be too powerful or the fighter and monk classes would not get the ability.

I would not allow movement, and if I did, only up to half -- and then, only one attack, like a charge, but not quite.
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