Loss of Paladinhood?

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Loss of Paladinhood?

Post by Joe »

Ok, let's say I have a player that somehow managed to lose their paladinship at level 1 or 2.

According to the book they become a fighter but does their Base to Hit actually go up?

It seems odd that they should benefit by the punishment.
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Post by serleran »

No, they would not gain any benefits of being the class until they advance a level, and then always X levels behind. That is, if you are a paladin and advance to 10th level, and then do something stupid and get switched to fighter, you do not suddenly get a +10 BtH and the extra attack ability; nor do you spontaneously obtain weapon specialization etc, etc... BtH will improve, each level gained,but the rest are up to the Castle Keeper. I, personally, rule that the paladin does not get any fighter abilities except: armor use, weapon use, BtH advancement scheme (+1 / level), and HD type. Also, whether the ex-Paladin immediately gains Strength Prime is the Castle Keeper's call -- on this, I, again, rule that they do not. It is the only way, in fact, to have a non-Strength-Prime Fighter-classed character in my game.
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