XP for Monsters Over 20 HD

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XP for Monsters Over 20 HD

Post by The Pugilist »

It is off the table and I am having trouble figuring it out from the existing values. Or, if easier, is there an XP algorithm?

Thanks, and hopefully I won't be bugging you guys for a while.
Edit: Thanks for the answers, I appreciate them.

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Post by serleran »

Officially -- there is no definitive answer provided; I did not write that section of the book. However, there is a pattern of increasing amount, if one wanted to look for it. So, it would stand to reason it could be either/or.

Unofficially -- for the average system provided for your last question, I used the above-mentioned pattern of incremental improvement. I don't have the time to go and recalculate but basically, you subtract the 19 HD from the 20 HD to see what amount it increases by, and then use that as the "standard rate."
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Post by Traveller »

For an exercise in which I converted Bahamut over to Castles & Crusades, I had this issue. All I did was to add things together to get an amount. So, if an example creature had 45HD, I'd take the EP numbers for 20HD, double them, then add the EP numbers for 5HD and add them to get the final result.

So, 20HD = 3,250EP + 20/HP + specials. 5HD = 80EP + 5/hp + specials.

(3250 + 20/HP) + (3250 + 20/HP) + (80 + 5/HP) = 6580 + 45/HP

Depending on the specials, the base EP will be a lot more, but you would add the specials together as well.
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