Dragon Experience Awards?

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Dragon Experience Awards?

Post by The Pugilist »

So I do understand the table on calculating awards for monsters that you make yourself, but I'm a bit intimidated by all the abilities Dragon's have with regards to XP calculations.

Would it be possible for someone do an example of the XP cost for, say, an adult dragon (any type)? I just want to make sure I am getting the math right.


Edit: Dude, that's a fantastic resource! Saved for later use. I do have one point of clarification, but I think I asked the wrong question. Rather than do the math, would you mind laying out which special abilities fit in which tier (I, II, or III)? Just for one type (like an adult white dragon), as an example. I'm finding this confusing, for some reason.

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Post by serleran »

Check this link and it is done for you. At least, the average award.
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