Rogue Special Abilities???

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Rogue Special Abilities???

Post by Joe »

Can you please clarify for me the differences?

I am in a game where a rogue that is standing right in front of you in clear sight, can somehow "sneak" behind "hide" in plain view, and still pull off back stabs. This seems to me an abuse/misinterpretation of RAW.

I admit I am no Hans Shadowspawn, but I have tried this at home with my spouse and every time all she had to do is turn her head. (Busted again!)
I don't like it when other players pee on another's party so I remain silent letting others do whatever the GM allows, but it just seems a bit ridiculous. For my own sake could you let me know how you guys run this?

I guess what I am asking is if this is possible with the rules as written?

Can a rogue that is standing in plain sight in front of you, smack you with his sword one round, then somehow move behind you, succeed at hiding in plain sight, and then repeatedly pull off back stabs?
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Re: Rogue Special Abilities???

Post by gideon_thorne »

Three things:

Hide: "If the character is being observed, even casually, they cannot hide."

Sneak Attack: "When an opponent or victim is aware of the rogue, but unsuspecting of an attack, a rogue can use the sneak attack ability."

Backstab: Pretty well requires the target to be unaware entirely of the attack.

So, as you describe it, no, it can't be done by C&C rules as written.
But, as you say, the GM can interpret how they like.
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