2 bits of errata

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2 bits of errata

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I have found a few bits of errata in the last week that you might want to fix. Let me say that I'm not posting this out of some desire to offer, to quote Donald Sutherland in Kelly's Army, "negative vibes". I do so because I love C&C and hope that another set of eyes can help make any future revisions better.

1. Crusader magazine (at least from nov 2008 to may 2009), masthead. the word 'checks' is misspelled as 'checkes'. (this is the passage that says something like 'mail checks to ....').

2. TLG website, at the C&C index page. The heading for "Siege Gear" is misspelled as 'Seige Gear' (http://www.trolllord.com/cnc/index.html)

3. The (evocative) writeup to A10 on the anvil web-page (http://www.trolllord.com/cnc/8029.html) uses the phrase "If any adventurer is worth their metal ....". The correct usage should be "If any adventurer is worth his/her mettle ..." (adventurer is singular and requires a singular possessive pronoun - 'his' or 'her' or 'its' or 'his/her'. And the accepted usage is 'worth his mettle', and not 'worth his metal' [although the latter sounds sort of cool in an adventuring sort of way]). The rest of the sentence should also be modified to make agreement work; an amended version might read something like "Any adventurer worth his mettle should be willing to sally forth into the Defemlan in search of the fabled Unicorn."

I'm posting these here because there is no obvious sticky for these elsewhere and because Fiff's sticky in the Rules, Laws and Chaos forum directs all errata here.

hope this helps,

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