Knight question and a nit

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Knight question and a nit

Post by mgtremaine »

Just to clarify that something was missing from this text block...

BATTLEFIELD DOMINANCE: At 8th level, the knight can use all three abilities; demoralize, embolden and inspire in the same round. This is in addition to their regular use individual.

In never specifically says once per day like the others. I'm going to assume that is what was intended. Anyone care to comment?

Also a small nit.. "a number of rounds equal to the knights level" seems wordy compared to the tried and true "one round per level" or better yet 1rd/level ;P


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Post by serleran »

Yes, it should be 1 / day, but the use is in addition to the other ability uses, so they can technically be used twice, since they are subsumed into the Dominance ability.

The Trolls like being wordy. It is a stylistic approach. Maybe easier to say it differently, but that would not be the same.
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