Unsusual magic item again

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Unsusual magic item again

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Hi, i would like to have the real rule about a topic, to be able to alter the rule after. SO my questions are still about creating unusual item. So here we go! (i have the monsters and treasures 3)

1- If we using the first method (page 88) of creating unsual items, it is writing "For items that require spell replenishment, the item is assumed to ... can only absorb one spell per day" So if i understand these sentences, the wand and staves work like other item, but for replenishment, we can only do one spell per day ?

2- Stupid question, but if we are still using first method, and we create a +3 sword (supposed that we consider this like a 3 lvl abilities because it's a fighter) + monk abilites slow fall, is that mean that we'll have to spend 4001 epp for the +3 plus 8501 for the monk abilities for a total of 12502 ?

3- IF we using the second method, it is says that if it's a unique creation, we need a ritual spell, so if it's a weapon in the book, we do not need this ritual spell ?

4- On the table "calculation magic item gold piece values" i have a problem with three effect :

A- Single use (that is ok!), spell completion (i don't understand this part)

B- Single use, use-activaded

C- Charges per day ( I don't understand what to do with the base price)

5- In the destroying magic items page 89, it's writing that the Holy Avenger have a +9 to the saving throw (+5 for enchented weapons and +4 because it has for abilities) The problem is that just below, it's writing that "Magic item mimicking spell-like abilities have a saving throw bonus equal to the level of spell-like abilities" So the when they didn't have do this ???

Thank for help

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