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Question on errata of encumbrance :

The EV for objects assumes that the character is carrying the object. Some objects are instead designed to be worn by the character (clothes, armor, etc.). As such, loadbearing items (such as backpacks, sack, chests, etc.) reduce the total EV of the items inside by 1 for every 2 points (i.e. divide total EV by two, rounding down) of EV contained within. Thus, a character that has a backpack carrying a bedroll (EV 3), hammer (EV 2), 50 nails (EV 1), and one torch (EV 1) would have a total EV for the items of 7. This would be reduced to 3 (7/2 = 3.5, rounded down to 3) and thus make the backpack's total EV 4(w) (EV of 1(w) for the backpack plus the modified EV 3 for the items contained within). Also note that loadbearing items and worn items can reduce the EV of the items to 0, as would be the case of a Small Pouch carrying 1 EV of equipment. Onehalf of 1 EV, rounding down would be 0 EV, so the EV of the Small Pouch and the item contained within would be 0 EV."

Is that means that when your item is mark by (w) we do not do a less 1 on ev when it is on body, for armor for instance ?

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