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Post by doomed_bishop »

I just have 1 little question about the poison system.

Its say that Further, the check is adjusted by cumulative penalties indicated in the parentheses in the tables below Humm I dont see a table with parentheses below ?!

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Post by Fiffergrund »

Hmm. Try looking on the next page or so. Sometimes authors write "below" because they assume the table is going to be on the same page. If you still have trouble finding it, PM one of the moderators and we'll see what we can do to help.
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Post by serleran »

Over the course of the printings, the rules for poison have changed considerably. If you're looking at Monsters and Treasure 1st print, the "creation rules" are far more involved than for the 2nd and subsequent printings -- a similar thing applies to the Player's Handbook where the 1st printing has no method, the 2nd has some examples and the 3rd uses the new method. Therefore, I am assuming you are looking at the M&T 1st print. It would be advised to check the new rules in either the PHB3rd (or 4th) print, M&T2nd (or 3rd) print, or in Miasmal Wyrms (where they were first printed.) Using the stuff from M&T 1st print is just going to make you not like it.
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