weapon and miscellaneous weapons

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weapon and miscellaneous weapons

Post by doomed_bishop »

First of all, i do not understande the difference between both (page 102-103)

Second, when we look the table for magical item a monster could have, it's writting to roll on table 4.3B (page 96) to determine the bonus the weapon will have. But, when we look, weapon or miscellaneous weapons, it's already writing which bonus to give ! Is it just that this bonus can change or is it ?!?!?


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Post by serleran »

Table 4.3 tells you which sub-table to go to: If youy get a "sword" result, you use Table 4.3a; 4.3c for special swords; 4.3d for miscellaneous weapons; 4.3e for special weapons.

Table 4.3a tells you what specific sword type.

4.3c tells you a specific sword (these are named magical items and do not have their bonuses determined by further rolls.)

4.3d tells you what specific category of "miscellaneous weapon" like whip, trident, etc.

4.3e tells you a specific magical item, which again does not direct you back to determine the bonus (because it is an individual item with its own description and not "generic.")

Therefore, both "swords" and "miscellaneous" weapons (not the "special" varieties) use table 4.3b to determine the exact bonus.

Here... a few examples:

On table 4.3 we roll a 26 for swords. We look at 4.3a and roll a 96 for a two-handed sword. We have to determine its magical bonus, and we roll that on table 4.3b and get a 23... enbd result is a two-handed sword +1.

Back on table 4.3 we roll a 65 and get a miscellaneous weapon; checking table 4.3d we get a 75 and find it is morningstar -- we then determine its magical bonus and roll a 00... for a morningstar +5.

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