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Post by doomed_bishop »

I have a question about the monster. Well, when we look the line attacks, I noticed three different manners to write it:

For example:

1- Lamia = 2 claw (1d4), Dagger (1d4+2)

2- Kobold = Bite (1d2) or Weapon

3- And some time is writing with this ( to separate the damage.

So, in my head, the lamia was that he has to choose either claw or dagger, but why kobold had a or ??? I was thinking that ( want to say or ?

Well maybe my question isnt clear but I just want to understand how monster attacks work.


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Post by serleran »

Lamia get 2 claws and 1 dagger attack. The damage for each is in the parenthetical -- 1d4 and 1d4+2 respectively.

Kobold gets either a bite (for 1d2 damage) or a weapon (with damage delivered by the weapon type).

Basically, if it says "or" it means "one of these, but not all of these." If it doesn't, then it is usually safe to assume all of the listed attack methods.

Excluding weapon damage, every attack should have its damage listed in parentheses. The reason the lamia does slightly different damage from "by weapon" is due to adding +2 to the attack damage roll -- whether that is Strength, accuracy, etc is the Castle Keeper's call.
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