Weapon size

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Weapon size

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I just have a couple of question about the weapons size. First of all, I want to know, if for example, their his a rule for when a Halfling want to use a two-handed weapon. In my head because hes small he shouldnt be able to do it, and if he tries to use a long sword, he has to do it with two hands, but I didnt see it anywhere. Second, if we look the troll, it says that he can do damage equal to his weapon damage, but do it have a rule to say if we have adjust the power of the weapon being given the fact that he is a big size creature.


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Re: Weapon size

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There is no official rule in the books in either case. Its assumed that the weapon is the equivalent size for the race type. If you want to add in that level of detail into your game, however, you can.
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