Charging on Horseback

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Charging on Horseback

Post by marcuspeddle »

A knight character in my game has shown up to the battle on horse. He is about 85 feet away from the nearest enemy. If he had a lance, he could charge and try to inflict triple damage. He doesn't have a lance, however, just a two-handed sword and a hook sword. Could he order his horse to charge and then attack with his sword in the same round? Would he get the regular charge bonus or would he just get there faster?

I am tempted to say he can order the horse to charge and then attack using a one-handed weapon with a regular charge bonus. A two-handed weapon seems too awkward to use from horseback in a charge. I would like to hear what others think about this situation.

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Post by Fiffergrund »

He doesn't get the option to triple damage - that's a function of the lance.

What he does gain, however, is the ability to make a long-range charge and any attack bonuses associated with attacking from horseback. Additionally, I would restrict the ability to use a two-handed weapon from horseback.

I would also force a character charging on horseback to carry past the target due to momentum.
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