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The Magical Coffee Mug

Post by Mac Golden »

I have been berated to come out of my cave and post answers to rule questions, rule intent, game history, and company history.

I will give it a shot. My plan is for this to be like the old Dragon Magazine Q&A columns (the name of that escapes me, but I think Lakofka did it forever).

So, please remember that this is a simple Q&A. It is not meant to be discussion of alternative rules/houserules etc.... There are other places for those discussions.

My posts tend to be short and to the point. Ask follow-up if you like.

I actually have around somewhere some questions from Sieg from awhile ago and I will post those and the answers when I find them as well.

The format may change as this is an experiment in progress.

(Fiffergrund, can you sticky this to make it easy for me to find?)

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Post by Fiffergrund »

I think we'll stick with the thread in Rules,Laws,Chaos. People can ask follow-up questions there, but not in this forum. This forum is for one shot Q&A on specific topics, not really discussion material.

So anyone looking for this thread, check out the Rules, Laws, and Chaos forum and check out the sticky thread of the same name.
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