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Errata Archives

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This sticky contains archive copies of errata from previous printings of the Player's Handbook and Monsters & Treasure. No further updates to these errata documents will be made, as errata efforts focus on the current printings of the books.

The documents are in PDF, and require a PDF reader to view, such as Adobe Reader or Foxit. If using Foxit, the jpeg2000 decoder (available on the same page the reader is downloaded from) may be required.
Collector's Edition (aka the White Box) Errata
1st Print Player's Handbook Errata
2nd Print Player's Handbook Errata
1st Print Monsters & Treasure Errata
Combined 3d Print Player's Handbook and 2d Print Monsters & Treasure Errata

Note: This thread predates the change to the new boards, so the board's file attachment feature isn't used.