Druid - Animate Holy Item / Frog Statue Army - Spell Combo

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Druid - Animate Holy Item / Frog Statue Army - Spell Combo

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So my CK and I have been at odds about my druids ability to Shape Stone into 1 cu ft AKAMAT (frog god) statues (I can make 25 of them as of lvl5), then use Ordain to make each one a holy item (for 100gp per 10 statues). In the third round I would use Animate Holy Item to bring them all to life as 1HD creatures. In the fourth round I can cast Venerate on one to create a nice little surprise (Holy Bomb) for whoever I sick these little guys on, and lastly should the statue (with Venerate cast on it) be attacked or destroyed I can instantly cast Behold The Blasphemer and basically finish off the enemy with a truly devastating instant attack.

So his argument is that he doesn't think Ordain can be used to make the statues holy so that I can cast Animate Holy Item on them. Can I get some feedback on this please? Has anyone else seen this type of combination used before?.. or allowed it to be used? He told me we would need to consult "the forum" on this one... I dont think he likes how much of a PITA my Druid is. His spells are OP!!!

Additionally, does anyone have an opinion on the druid being able to carry just one "Ordained/Venerated" statue with him that he could animate at any time? Obviously the stone statue would be really heavy so he could carry (1) around MAXIMUM.

One More Thing!!! - Does anyone have an opinion on how large of an area Behold The Blasphemer effects?

Below are the details of the spells mentioned above for your ease and review:

lEvEl 3 DRUID CT 1 R touch D see below SV n/a SR n/a Comp V, S, M, DFBy
use of this dweomer, the caster can shape a piece of stone or wood into any desired form. A stone or wooden weapon or piece of furniture or any other item is possible. Doors can be reshaped to allow entry/exit, walls parted with a passage, or anything else that the druid can imagine and that fits within the range of material that the spell effects is possible. It takes one round to shape each 1 cubic foot of material. Note that the creations will inevitably be crude, as fine workmanship and finishing are beyond the scope of this invocation. The spell’s area of effect is 10 cubic feet +1 cubic foot per level. The material component is a splinter of wood or stone set in clay.

ORDAIN, Level 1 cleric, 2 druid
CT 1 hour R see below D until negated
SV none SR none Comp DF, M, S, V
The spell is used to sanctify an item or place with sacerdotal functions. The item or place ordained is magical, but confers nothing other than a capacity to be used in ministerial functions. For example, it could be that holy water can only be created in an ordained cup, spring, decanter or some other type of vessel or location. Another example could be that for an oxen to be properly sacrificed, an ordained knife must be used. An item or location so ordained remains so until it is revoked. Revocation is this spell’s opposite. A place or item ordained requires a sacrifice of 100gp in kind per ten cubic ft. The caster can ordain 10 cubic ft. per level.

ANIMATE HOLY ITEM, Level 1 cleric, 2 druid
CT 2 R 50 ft. D 5rds.+1rd./lvl.
SV none SR none Comp DF, V
With animate holy item, the cleric or druid is able to temporarily bring small, stone items to life. The spell affects only those items that have been blessed or consecrated to the cleric’s or
druid’s deity, such as an idol, scarab, holy symbol, etc. The item in question animates and obeys the caster. The item must be something that can move and attack on its own; animating a holy ring has no affect other than it is animated. The caster can animate a number of items equal to his level squared. For instance a 4th level cleric can animate 16 items. Any such item has an AC of 12, attacks as a 1 HD monster, has 4 hit points and deals 1-2 points of damage. They can be turned by a paladin or cleric, but not controlled by an evil cleric.

VENERATE, Level 1 cleric, 1 druid
CT 1 min./lvl. R Touch D permanent
SV WIS half SR none Comp V, DF
With venerate the caster is able to imbue any item with holy significance. Anyone who desecrates the item suffers for it. Once desecrated the item unleashes a wave of power that strikes everyone in the area of affect inflicting 1d6 points of damage per level of the caster. Those in the area of effect are allowed a wisdom save for half damage. Venerate does not affect those who serve the item or the cause that the item represents (as determined by the Castle Keeper). Those who do, even those friendly to the barer or caster, suffer the damage. Desecrating an item involves attempts to destroy it, casting it the ground, marring or vandalizing it and similar actions as determined by the Castle Keeper.

BEHOLD THE BLASPHEMER, Level 1 cleric, 1 druid
CT 1 R 10 ft.+10ft./lvl. D immediate
SV yes SR yes Comp DF, V
This powerful spell should be in every cleric’s daily spell list. Whenever a cleric, their deity or even pantheon is derided, cursed, laughed at or in any way blasphemed by an individual, the cleric can call down the vengeance of their deity upon the blasphemer. The cleric is able to cast a wounding spell that causes 1d8 damage per level of the caster against that person or creature. The recipient is allowed a wisdom saving throw for half damage.

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