Magic item saves

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Magic item saves

Post by slimykuotoan »

I simply can't recall, when making a save against a magic item effect, what level is the spell effect considered from scrolls and miscellaneous magic items?
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Re: Magic item saves

Post by serleran »

There are several ways to go:

1) The level of their creator.
2) The minimum needed to create the item per M&T.
3) The minimum needed to cast the spell / effect.
4) Either 2 or 3, plus a variable.
5) Level of user.

And so forth.

C&C assumes 1 or 5; if the Castle Keeper does not know, then 2.

I personally prefer 6... completely variable. I have no issues allowing a wand, for example, to function at 1st level ability, regardless of who made it and who wields it, what spell is in it (sure, do a fireball for 1d6 damage).

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