Dave Arneson Tribute

Threads honoring gaming pioneers that have molded our hobby, and have started their own games in a better place.
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Dave Arneson Tribute

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I met you once briefly, and we talked about the theory of gaming, and what it meant and how best to enjoy it... great conversation, that was, and I could see the lit fire of imagination in those eyes. So, to that end, I find this particularly appropriate.

Thank you for giving me a place to hide, to let my mind slide.
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So I ran my C&C campaign today, and decided to do a little tribute of my own. As everybody finally got to the table and sat down, I had everybody (myself included) roll a d20, without telling people why they were rolling it. The drama factor was pretty good. I wrote down the results and moved straight into the game.

When we broke for lunch, I went to the fridge in the garage and, based on the results of the die rolls, got the appropriate cans/bottles of beer out. I had a few different varieties of Leinenkugel's, along with some other things. I got stuck with an MGD. I explained that while everybody knew about Gary last year, none of them probably realized (which they didn't) that we just lost Dave. I could think of no better tribute than an old school game, a random d20 roll and beers raised in salute to one more lion of the game at the big game in the sky.

Here's to you, Dave. Thanks for everything.

Sir Osis of Liver

p.s. And when the natural 20 comes up on my rolls, it's announced to the party with one simple word: "GYGAX!" It's not necessarily the perfect tribute to Dave, but the D&D gods are at my table.

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Cheers Mr A, I hope you are at a better place. We all owe you a great deal.
Someone send me some dice!

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