RIP Greg Stafford (1948-2018)

Threads honoring gaming pioneers that have molded our hobby, and have started their own games in a better place.
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RIP Greg Stafford (1948-2018)

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Creator of the world of Glorantha, founder of Chaosium, designer of Pendragon. Also co-designer of the Ghostbusters RPG. Had a hand in distilling the Basic Role Playing system. Author of many boardgames. This man left a massive footprint, and now, with his passing, he leaves a great void.

Rest In Peace, Mr. Stafford, and thank you very much for all that you have contributed to our hobby, and to the world.
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Re: RIP Greg Stafford (1948-2018)

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This is a damn shame... 70 isn't that elderly nowadays, and I'm sure I speak for everyone with sympathy to his family. :(

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Re: RIP Greg Stafford (1948-2018)

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Damn shame. Gods speed Mr. Stafford.

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