Save For Half episode # 26: "Timeship by Yaquinto Publications"

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Save For Half episode # 26: "Timeship by Yaquinto Publications"

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Save For Half episode # 26: "Timeship by Yaquinto Publications"

Timeship has, let's say, a checkered reputation in the RPG community. This episode your intrepid Halflings delve into a game that mandates a player play themselves, travel back in time, and (among other things) kill Hitler. What's not to like? More than you'd think with a opening like that. Will DM Jim ever forgive DM Mike for choosing this game? Listen and find out!

No players were harmed in the making of this show, because they brought shotguns to the gaming table...with no energy penalty!

It's all here at:

Links mentioned in this show:

Herbie Brennan on Wikipedia

Timeship on Boardgame Geek

Timeship (Classic reprint on DTRPG) ... _0_44499_0

Timeship box set (Noble Knight Games)

Timeship (Wikipedia) ... ying_game)

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