Save For Half # 22 1/2: “James Spahn and Heroes Journey 2E"

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Save For Half # 22 1/2: “James Spahn and Heroes Journey 2E"

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Save For Half Sideshow # 22 1/2: “James Spahn and Heroes Journey 2E"

Welcome to the New Year! Your Halflings are joined by noted game designer James Spahn to talk about his new update of The HeroÕs Journey Fantasy RPG, Kickstarting this month. We discuss his game philosophies, new innovations that make Heroes Journey 2E his ideal RPG, and his plans for the future. Tune in, and tune up to the Save for Half Sideshow!!

No kobolds were harmed in the making of this episode, not even the green ones!

It's all here at:

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Barrel Rider Games

Gallant Knight Games

The HeroÕs Journey 2nd Edition Kickstarter ... journey-2e

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