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Save For Half Sideshow # 12 1/2: "NTRPG Con wrapup w/Satan!"

Mon Oct 08, 2018 1:16 pm

Save For Half Sideshow # 12 1/2: "NTRPG Con wrapup w/Satan!"

Halflings are here again to half the halflings available only to the other "half"! Which means a chat with Satan himself! Well, it’s Mike "BadMike" Badolato; co-owner, marketing hub, and general whipping boy for the North Texas RPG Convention.

We know it’s late....but we brought you Satan to make up for the delay! That’s gotta count for something.

No innocent people were harmed in the making of this show, because Leftenant Victory(TM) arrived to save everyone!

It's all here at: http://saveforhalf.com/

Links mentioned in this show:

Game Hole Con

North Texas RPG Con 2018

Don’t forget to drop us an email at saveforhalfpodcast(at)gmail.com to give your opinions of the show!

Be sure to check out our forums at:
Save for Half at Original D&D Forums

Save for Half at OSRGaming
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