ADOM Lite... Anyone heard of/played it?

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ADOM Lite... Anyone heard of/played it?

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ADOM Lite is a pen and paper rpg based on a "roguelike" computer game (ADOM) from 1994. The game has a bit of a cult following. In 2012, there was an indiegogo campaign to fund continued development of the game. It was successful. One of the backer perks was a tabletop RPG based on the game. Only about 500 were printed, and the author swore that there would never be a reprint or PDF version. Rarer still was the ADOM Arcana supplement, of which only 40 were made. Anybody seen this? Played it?

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Re: ADOM Lite... Anyone heard of/played it?

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Didn't know of its existence until now.
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Re: ADOM Lite... Anyone heard of/played it?

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I have played the computer game, though my guilt in not ever ascending in Nethack makes me always return to that over other roguelikes (real roguelikes, not whatever Steam is calling a roguelike this week that is nothing like "rogue").

The last adventure from my campaign was sort of a nod to these games.

If I ever did adapt a roguelike to the table, besides Nethack (itself influenced by AD&D), it'd be Omega, though it was so hard to play I wouldn't know enough about it to adapt it due to dying. Still, to this day my fantasy cities sell lizard-on-a-stick. Apparently Omega influenced ADOM, so maybe I should revisit it.
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