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I took a look at this EN World Publishing game by Russ "Morrus" Morrissey last night. I converted a multiclassed C&C character (not so much converted, but targeted it from the ground up).


I think it's promising, but it really took me a while to make the character, and I doubt I did everything right. Part of it was the character sheet I was using helped me miss some stuff. There are worksheets for building the characters that might be helpful, but they were awkward to use also.

Some issues I had:
Different things on your sheet might have points, or dice pools that those points convert to. Sometimes it wasn't clear when deriving attributes or figuring other things if points or dice were what was needed.
It wasn't clear at first if you could only take new skills in chargen or if you could take ranks in skills too. (Looking at the example characters, it was clear you could take ranks.)
The somewhat Travellerish career/grade system was interesting, but it was hard to tell what was important to take as I went. If you want Defense skills, you want to take them as substitutes for granted skills, but if you haven't read about them yet you might not know which to take or why.
There are Exploits with names similar to the defense skills, but those are more like feats, and aren't necessarily what you are going for.
If you are a spellcaster you apparently want to take Secrets, but it's not clear why they are important to casting.

Most of these things would have been clearer had I read the book cover-to-cover first. I'll do that and try again, but I expect it will still take a long time to make a character, and if NPCs/monsters use the same mechanic, I think it would be ill-suited for my style of play where I need to be able to come up with foes and state them on the spot.

I like that you can make pretty detailed characters with the different careers. I think you could easily make a character too detailed but not proficient enough at anything to survive combat though. (This comes up a lot in skill-based games -- it takes a while to learn which skills are essential.)

It's a neat game. It seems to have little bits and pieces from lots of other systems. DNA includes D&D, Traveller, d6, and others.
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Yeah, I took a look at it a few weeks ago, probably due to something you posted. Definitely looks interesting. My problem with it is it doesn't look to do anything new, or probably most important, do anything old better than what I already have. Aside form that, I am still tempted to get it and take a good look at it. At least maybe the sci fi version.
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