Gates of Antares by Warlord

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Gates of Antares by Warlord

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Here is the Link:

So saw this over at my FLGS. Lots of folks there have gotten into the game - at least buying the box set. It apparently uses a variation of the Bolt Action system (WW2 28mm game also from Warlord). I've been on the fence for a couple of reasons, primarily because I have way too many miniature games already. Secondly, I'm more interested in Warpath that will be coming out by Mantic which will also be Sci-Fi.

I did try out the demo and it was pretty fun. Random initiative, d10s, Attacker rolls to hit, Defender rolls to see what damage (if any). Still on the fence though (consider all the darn miniatures and games I've got to still play). Anyone try it out yet? Thoughts?

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Re: Gates of Antares

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I think your an *expletive* for making me aware of this game... :lol:
Since its 20,000 I suggest "Captain Nemo" as his title. Beyond the obvious connection, he is one who sails on his own terms and ignores those he doesn't agree with...confident in his journey and goals.
Sounds obvious to me! -Gm Michael

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