Are there any TLG C&C products oop?

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JediOre wrote:
I second what moriarty777 said. That is a great little module and one that can be run on the fly in one evening's time. I ran it and, if we gamed on a more frequent basis so my players didn't forget stuff, I'd have had the NPCs become a recurring band once in a while.

I ran the Sword & Sorcery one. Converted to D&D3 (which was the game we were running at the time). It was as smooth a conversion as I imagine changing it into a C&C game would be. Great plot, but havnt changed groups so it doesnt look like I will run it as C&C yet.
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Was wondering if anyone here can elaborate on how many copies of the Collectors Box Set are stored at the Trolls Lair?

Even if the number is approximate, it would help to know this.

And if anyone can say whether the box set has ever been or ever will be re-printed?

I purchased this set directly from TLG last week.

I have two other sets that I purchased years ago.

One set was used so much that it has seen been damaged a bit, and the other set was given to my grandson, and he uses it in his games.

So, I decide to get one more set for collecting purposes.

The first two sets were NOT SWed.

This new box set is SWed.
I have other Box Sets (Other products) and none of them were ever SWed.

Is this a new policy of TLG for all outgoing Box Sets, or only for remaining stock of the Collecotrs Edition of the White Box Set?

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Nobody but the Trolls know how many of the Collector's Edition of C&C was printed. They were still selling them at GenCon in 2009, and they are still on the website, so there has to be some left.

As if they are going to be reprinted, well, many times TLG Steve said that NO NO NO, these box sets will never be reprinted.

HOWEVER, I seem to recall a time a few years ago where TLG, if I recall correctly, said that they were low on these box sets, get 'em while you can kinda thing. But voila', they are still available and this time they are shrink wrapped (where as they were not from 2004-2006). Hmm.

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I've got one of the Spartans, but I need to pick up a regular set one of these days!
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Just FYI - I think that's because Steve got a new shrink-wrapper sometime in last 2 years and now he LIKES to shrink wrap everything....
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Yeah, shrinky-dinks are expensive buggers, and if you're going to shell out, you might wanna use it...
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Unfortunately for me, I started looking into C&C after the last Spartans were gone, so my first purchase was a standard White Box Set.

That is the one that is well worn now.

Bought another set later for collecting, then still later gave that set to my grandson along with a stack of other stuff...

Neither of those were SWed so the explanation of a new Shrinky Dink machine purchase in the last couple years makes sense time wise for me.

However, I have purchased other box sets from TLG in the last several months and last year that had no Shrink.

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