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Mini Painted Diorama request..

Posted: Sun Nov 27, 2016 2:43 pm
by Captain_K
As you know the next Domesday should be out before Xmas.. I need some painted min pictures... 3d art is best!

I'd also like to challenge you to set up "action" scenes with the minis in a theme base. What Tree and I need for this next issue of the Domesday is:
a) Undead, any types will do, but some zombies, ghouls & skeletons would be nice, the grosser the better, anyone got a scary shadow?
b) Goblins vs 5 PC (woodland types) and again 5 PCs on the bridge against an Ogre...
c) Anyone got a white or silver dragon? Shoot it shadowy and ghost-like.. for a cool misty effect (how's that for a challenge that will make more sense later)
d) How about a dashing Paladin, super good looking dudly do-right kind of Paladin, male or female then the negative photo copy too!

really anything nice will do.. just email the images/pictures straight to me at

Thanks team, Captain_K