Art & maps for doomsday??

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Art & maps for doomsday??

Post by Captain_K »

Put in a plug for submissions to Treebore for his Doomsday restart?? He's 2/3 there.. I'm guessing, art and maps make things so much more interesting...
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Re: Art & maps for doomsday??

Post by Treebore »

I will be making a "call" for what I need in the next two to three weeks, I hope. I have pressing house repairs I need to get taken care of before the rains hit in July, and preferably, before the intense heat hits in May. If I get all of that done close to on "schedule", IE how long I think it will take me, I'll get the initial layout done by then, and know how much art I'd like to have, what it is I will need, etc... then send out the requests, wait for it to get done, etc...

If you want to make it a little easier on me, so I don't have to go searching through past e-mails, post your willingness to do artwork for the Domesday here.
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Re: Art & maps for doomsday??

Post by cuchulainkevin »

Always willing to help out. I'm not consistent with checkng the forums but shoot me an email at when and if anything is needed.

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