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TLG at DieCon June 21-23 Collinsville, IL

Thu Jun 20, 2013 2:07 pm

Troll Lord Games returns to DieCon Friday, June 21st-23rd in Collinsville, Illinois (east of St. Louis, MO). My fellow Trolls, James and JL, and I will be running Castles and Crusades demos, as well as selling merchandise in the dealers room. We have nearly every product still in print since 2005, including the latest releases (Codex Celtarum, A11 The Wasting Way, A10, Town of Kalas, Amazing Adventures book-screen-module, Giant's Wrath, PHB 5th printing, the CK screen, etc). Six demos have been scheduled over the weekend.

Friday- Orc Tower and Raid on Ettenridge

Saturday-Tainted Lands, Haunted Highlands: The Witch Moor, and Amazing Adventures: The Heart of Yhtill

Sunday-Wizard's Tower: A Relative Problem

DieCon is in its 13th year, and is located at the Gateway Convention Center. Approximately 600 attendees are expected. For more info, go to Diecon.com. See you there!

Tyler "Tylermo" Morrison
TLG fanboy/convention sales and demo rep
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