Bob Bledsaw II at GenCon

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Bob Bledsaw II at GenCon

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So, facebook Wilderlands Fans states that Rallu, City of the Sea Kings will be available at GenCon. Bob should be there. I checked and there is no booth slated for JG at GenCon. I don't think they will be at Frog God Games. JG and FGG are not on civil talking terms.

I would love to get Bob to make an appearance at one or both of my Tegel Games.

You know what would be cool? To have JG partner with TLG to bring back the Wilderlands as C&C. It is classic old-school meets classic old-school. There could not be a better home for each.

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Re: Bob Bledsaw II at GenCon

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Yes. Of course!, PLEASE!

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