Origins 2011

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Re: Origins 2011

Post by Omote »

Thanks for posting those up Frost. I glad you nabbed the few from Facebook. Ning, for some reason, will not let me post pictures to the site. I have no idea why, and got frustrated trying to figure it out.

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Re: Origins 2011

Post by Frost »

Yeah, I snagged the ones you put up at Facebook. You had better shots than me, too!

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Re: Origins 2011

Post by Ancalagon »

I wasn't able to get into any C&C action but did meet Steve and Eric. Very nice couple of guys!
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Re: Origins 2011

Post by Piperdog »

O, not sure why it won't let you post. That sucks. I will look into it, though that site boggles me too.

Great time at Origins; I had more fun than in previous GenCons; I am hoping that Origins just ramped up GenCon for me....with Scotty's Brewpub filling up rapidly with C&Cers, it should prove awesome this year.

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