The an E-magazine for Nook & Kindle?

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The an E-magazine for Nook & Kindle?

Post by TheMetal1 »

The digital version of the Crusader has been in PDF format. Will you all be offering this, at some point, as an e-magazine available for the Nook and Kindle?
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Re: The an E-magazine for Nook & Kindle?

Post by Troll Lord »

Only in an altered form for the Kindle.I will experiment with 25 on the Nook in the near future. The Kindle has many formatting issues to work through and around.

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Re: The an E-magazine for Nook & Kindle?

Post by moriarty777 »

Here's a question... has issue 25 shipped yet (to Canada)?

The only reason I ask is I noticed it as a PDF on RPGNOW which usually follows the print release... picked it up just the same as part of the 50% sale right now.


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Re: The an E-magazine for Nook & Kindle?

Post by Sundog »

I suppose I have a related question. Did any copies of #25 ship to the UK? None of the usual suppliers have reported having a copy of it, and it seems impossible to get hold of. One supplier says that they can get it, but they have no idea when that might be.
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