Better Grapple Rules.

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Better Grapple Rules.

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C&C has some wonky Grapple rules.

I decided to update them a little bit with this fix borrowing some inspiration from Pathfinder as well as trying to keep the intent of the original mechanics.

Combat Manuever Bonus:
Player: to hit+STR+6 (if Str or DEX Prime)+Special Size Modifier
Monster: HD +6 if P Prime +Special Size Modifier

Combat Manuever Defence:
Player: 10+ STR + DEX +6(IF STR or DEX Prime)+Special Size Modifier
Monster: 10+HD+ 6 (if P PRime)+Special Size Modifier
Special Size Modifiers
CMB +4, CMD-4
CMB: -4, CMD +4

A Goblin would have a CMB of +11 and a CMD of 13
A Generic NPC 1st Level Human Warrior would have a CMB +7 and CMD 17
A Ogre would have a CMB of +6 and a CMD of 24

Basically for those unfamiliar with the mechanic ROLL a d20 + your CMB vs. the Opponents CMD.

I have been using this method for the last few years and it works ok and the players seem to like it. This is of course the quick and dirty version for basic C&C. It sometimes results in hilarity but roll with it if you are a good DM. if a goblin grapples an OGRE he's obviously not going to be able to pin or restrain him, the most he can do is hold on. Whereas if the Ogre grapples the Goblin or Human he's got them grappled.

Happy Gaming.

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