Fields of Battle and FGII

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Fields of Battle and FGII

Post by alcyone »

I just noticed that Fantasy Grounds II has a Fields of Battle add-on. That might even be useful for solitaire play. But I wonder what's in it? How much of the rulebook is implemented in the ruleset? Or is it just the miniatures that came in the box? Does it have unit sheets and everything?
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Re: Fields of Battle and FGII

Post by mmbutter »

I just picked it up. Looks like it's the full book, usable from within FG. I didn't notice any special tokens that came with it.

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Re: Fields of Battle and FGII

Post by Aramis »

fantasy miniatures wargaming with FG would be awesome indeed if it had some kind of AI.

I keep hoping to find a good turn based fantasy skirmish PC game but they always want to add in fancy graphics and resource management and kingdom management and zzzzzz. Where was I, oh yeah, fantasy skirmishes

First up, you should play the Battle of the Moathouse. You should know the area like the back of your hand by now

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Re: Fields of Battle and FGII

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I'm new here! I want to learn more about this game.. want to meet new friends here... 8-)
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