Toys R Us and Fields of Battle

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Toys R Us and Fields of Battle

Post by alcyone »

I have a few canisters of those Toys R Us playsets:

2 sets of bone colored undead, with archers, scimitars, morningstars, etc.
2 sets of medieval types, one black, one grey, with cavalry, swordsmen, morningstars, axemen
1 set of mythical, green, with elfish archers, orcish warriors, dwarvish warriors, sorceresses, and dual wield rogue types

Additionally, between the sets I have several trees, rocks, ruins, magical portal, cages, castle, cannons, catapults, battering rams, pillars, candles, gravestone.

I think I'll photograph each unit type and post them at some point so we can get them statted for Fields of Battle. I'd like to try to do some small scenarios and work my way up to using maybe 1/4 of the pieces (I have a lot!).

Here's an example of what I have: ... age=search

These are a pretty good deal, but they are about the same scale as green army men, so it's hard to get a good battle going on a card table unless you go 20:1 or something. I also wonder about whether I need to put these in trays so I can wheel them, put them in rank and file, etc. I don't think Fields of Battle has too much of that. Again, because of the size, I am not sure that would work, but it would way cooler to have say, 5 archer minis instead of 1 in a unit.

Anyone have these and already statted them?

Also, because these have rubber-band powered siege weapons that shoot projectiles and ram and stuff, this probably would work well with Little Wars.
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Re: Toys R Us and Fields of Battle

Post by Julian Grimm »

Well, I see myself going to Toys R Us soon and spending a bunch of money.
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Re: Toys R Us and Fields of Battle

Post by Tadhg »

Yep, I bought a few buckets of these for the catapults, cages and ballistas several years ago for my large scale tabletop setup. I didn't use the soldiers as they were too big.

There's is a thread of mine somewhere on this board with pics, if you are interested.

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