SS: double check my figures

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SS: double check my figures

Post by Rigon »

I'm working on a SS conversion to use for a fantasy setting. I'm going with something different for races instead of the typical elf/dwarf/etc. I was wondering if someone could double check my trappings for the nonhuman races. I didn't do any of the write descriptions yet as I'm still trying to make sure I have all the numbers right.


Jotkin (think miniture stone giants)
-Size: 11 (11 bp)
-Move: 1 (ground), Personal (4 bp)
-Attribute Mods: +1 Physique, -1 Reflexes (0 bp)
-Other Advantages (35 bp):
Body of Stone (P0 D0 X9; Automatic. Armor +1)
Strength of the Mountain (P0 D0 X7; Automatic. +1 Wound box)
Caste (P0 D0 X19; Automatic. +2 to any one Skill Bundle, +1 to one Specialty as follows caste assignment)

Fae (sort of like elves, but not really)
-Size: 10 (10 bp)
-Move: 1 (ground), Personal (4 bp)
-Attribute Mods: None
-Other Advantages (36 bp):
Children of the Moon (P0 D0 X5; Awareness. +2 Observations, SFX: Low-light vision)
Mystical (P0 D0 X23; Automatic. +1 to Psi Score, Mental Endurance +2, Channeling +2)
Agile (P0 D0 X2; Athletics. Feats of Agility +2)
Nature’s Mask (P0 D0 X2; Environmental. Camouflage +2)
Empathetic (P0 D0 X4; Spiritual. Allay +2, Bolster +2)

Drakith (a humanoid dragon type creature)
-Size: 11 (11bp)
-Move: 1 (ground), Personal (4bp)
-Attribute Mods: +1 Reflexes, -1 Empathy (0bp)
-Other Advantages (35):
Scaly Hide (P0 D0 X9; Automatic. Armor +1)
Claws (P0 D0 X5; Combat. Melee +1 Close Range only, 1 Damage Box)
Eyes of the Dragon (P0 D0 X6; SFX: Low-light vision, Thermal Vision.)
Speed of the Serpent (P0 D0 X15; Combat. SFX: Time Dilation, Fast)
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